Our Customer Service Mission

Customer service is the key foundation for your success as a business owner. Keeping your customers happy takes time, patience, and experience that business owners often don’t have time for. There are so many different aspects of running a business, and once your business reaches a certain level, you cannot do it all alone. Rather than letting customer service fall by the wayside, the best thing you can do is hire a Customer Service Virtual Assistant to take on the responsibility. Let an experienced VA handle those emails and phone calls. Focus on your business and let Busyness Launch remote customer service handle these time-consuming tasks.


Customer service is the key foundation for your success as a business owner.


We provide personalized customer support services implementiong your company business needs.


We know how to keep up the pace staying super efficient at the same time but continue to provide top-quality customer service to our clients.


Our goal is to be concerned with getting customers what they want in an efficient manner.


A key element helping to build a trust with our customer.

What Makes Our Customer Support Unique

Why Do You Need A Customer Service Virtual Assistant?

A Customer Service Virtual Assistant has the necessary skills to manage all your customer service tasks. From answering questions by email or over the phone, chatting live or responding to reviews, a virtual assistant is an important position to have as it represents the company’s brand. Fast, reliable service is the key to successful communication that customers love and that is what Busyness Launch Customer Service VA’s strive for.

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Customer Experience
Are Convinced That Companies Need To Pay Attention On Customer’s Feedback
Of Customers Would Recommend It To a Friend After Having A Positive Experience With A Company
Aged 18-34 Believe Social Media Is An Effective Channel For Customer Service
Customers Agreed That They Feel More Loyal To Brands That Respond And Resolve Their Сomplaints

Customer Support Facts

  • Statistics show that your customer experience is the main differentiator between you and your competitors.
  • 73% of customers fall in love with a brand because of friendly customer service representatives. 
  • When it comes to making a purchase, 64% of people find customer experience more important than price. 
  • After having a positive experience with a company, 77% of customers would recommend it to a friend.
  • 55% of customers are willing to spend more money with a company that guarantees them a satisfying experience.
  • Your customer service affects everything from profits to employee retention.
  • Around 52% of people are convinced that companies need to pay attention on customer’s feedback.
  • Over 50% of consumers say they have made an additional purchase from a company after a positive customer service experience.
  • Only 1 in 26 customers will tell a business about their negative experience; the rest simply leave according to customer service facts.
  • 65% of people aged 18-34 believe social media is an effective channel for customer service.
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